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Figuring Out My Bouldering Problems

Heather Supinie

Who knew that a single conversation would lead me to finding this painful yet heart-pumping and self-fulfilling sport? My name is Heather Supinie and I'm the creator of Bouldering Problems. Bouldering and climbing are my newfound passions and I’m thrilled to have encountered these practices.

The Bouldering Problems blog is my medium to help me capture my experiences as I grow as a climber. I would like to share these moments with anyone who is interested. My bouldering journey started September 2015. Intrigued by bouldering and what it takes, I want to learn more about it and somehow incorporate that into my life as I move from gym climbing to real outdoor bouldering. For example, a problem is an actual bouldering term. It means a climbing route. So solving a problem means figuring out how to climb a certain path.

Bouldering is what I look forward to in my day. It keeps me active, not just physically but mentally as well. Because it actaully takes a bit of thinking to figure out what's the best way to climb up and back down. Plus, I would rather climb up a wall than run a mile any day. Hence this is my journey, solving bouldering problems as I go and becoming a better climber.

Granted, it may seem like all I do is eat, sleep, and boulder but I do have other interests too. This blog is also my way of putting my writing skills to good use. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with my BA in broadcast journalism. Oklahoma is where I currently live too. I have some newsroom experience from producing at a small news station after college. However, I found out that producing news is not for me.

Instead, I am traveling down the interesting and challenging road of web design. Creating my own website is a way to show viewers what I can do. Along the way, I am picking up some programming languages as I go. I’m familiar with HTML4/5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. I currently work in retail but it is not an industry I want to be in. To work and have a career in writing is a goal of mine. However, doing something climbing related would be pretty awesome too.

For other fun activities, I like to photograph nature, especially weather whenever I can. Or anything I think looks cool. I like playing around in Photoshop with my photos and creating images in it too. Reading books is my go-to for relaxation. I'm a pretty avid reader of fiction. Hanging out with my husband is fun too. I like him and think I'll keep him.