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My Bouldering Bucket List

“Where to do I want to go?” This is a common question that gets asked around this time of year. Traveling during the summer is a favorite activity and one I enjoy a lot. I got to thinking if I could go anywhere and boulder, where would I go? So, I came up with a bucket list of places I would want to boulder and visit.

Wichitas Mountain Wildlife Refuge, OK

Previously, I mentioned the refuge in my "Where to Boulder in Oklahoma article.” I’ve toproped, but I haven’t bouldered there yet. Plus, it would be silly not to include a few local crags on my list. I would check out both the Charon’s Gardens and Roadside Boulders areas. Because the refuge isn’t too far from where I live, a weekend trip there would be great.

Quartz Mountain, OK

I did get to visit this crag last November when I attended the Fall Gathering, but I didn’t get to boulder while I was there. I didn’t know there was bouldering until someone mentioned it. However, I was too tired to climb. When I get the chance, Backside Boulders and Munge Lunge Boulder are the primary sites I want to check out.

Austin/Barton Creek Greenbelt, TX

According to climbers who live in and around Austin, the Greenbelt has excellent crags. Good limestone to climb on and access to them is easy. Austin is not too far from where I live. So, if I could make it work, a long weekend with bouldering there would be awesome. Plus, I wouldn’t mind going back to Austin again.

Hueco Tanks, TX

When I first got into bouldering, I heard Hueco Tanks was the place to go for great bouldering. It has some of the best bouldering crags in the country. Who wouldn’t want to check that out? I would plan a trip to here in the winter because the weather would be best. Not so much in spring or fall and hell no in the summer.

Moe’s Valley, UT

I’ve only heard of Moe’s Valley recently on climbing forums and articles. I didn’t know there was any bouldering in Utah. The crag is near St. George’s. This state would also be one I would travel to in the winter or early spring for bouldering. I’ve driven through but have not stayed here, so I’m going to have to change that.

The Buttermilks, CA

I’ve heard and read about the Buttermilks near Bishop, and I want to climb there. The pictures I’ve seen from Bishop of the boulders are so pretty! They’re not too far from the High Sierras, so I bet the landscape is picturesque. Buttermilks Main is one of the premier bouldering destinations in the world. It’s a place I want to boulder for sure.

Icicle Creek (near Leavenworth), WA

From what I’ve read about the Pacific Northwest, bouldering is popular up there. Plus, it’s an area I wouldn’t mind visiting. The crags near Leavenworth seemed to be the most talked about. Also, I haven’t been to Washington, so there’s another reason to go. Hiking around the crags would be fun because the scenery looks fantastic if I can’t boulder.

Horse Pens 40 (near Chattanooga), TN

When it comes to visiting states, Tennessee is another one I haven’t been to yet. Bouldering doesn’t come to mind when I hear its name. However, I understand there are excellent bouldering crags to climb on. I don’t know how this area got its name, but it’s unique enough to remember.

Fontainebleau, France

If I want to fly overseas for good bouldering, I hear Fontainebleau is legendary. Boulders and boulders on end. If I need something to do on rest days, Paris isn’t far. I want to explore France since I’ve never been there. Then, I can add another country to my list of ones I’ve traveled in.

To conclude, this is my bouldering bucket list. Some I can travel to sooner than others, but I think they are worth visiting. If you have any suggestions of other places I should check out and boulder at, let me know in the Facebook comments for this article. Until next time, happy bouldering.