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12 Climbing Gifts on a Budget

Ah, the season of giving. As you probably have figured out, the holidays are just around the corner. Are you looking for a gift for the climber in your life, whether it’s a friend or a loved one? But also, one that’s in your budget? I have a list of 12 items that any climber would want and won’t break your bank. These would also be good stocking stuffers as well.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Hand Salve
It helps to have multiple containers or tins of hand salve, and it never hurts to have more. I use Joshua Tree. If you go through it quickly, you’ll have some in stock. If it happens that you lose one, you’ll have a backup.
Outerwear (gloves, beanies, scarves)
Any of these are great especially if you’re climbing outside. If you’re like me, somehow, I lose the mate to a pair of gloves or misplace it somehow. So, it’s nice to have extras.
Hand and Foot Warmers
These are awesome for doing stuff outdoors, even climbing. They keep your hands or feet warm for a long time. When you can stick one in your chalkbag so when you chalk up, you can warm your hands up as well. If it doesn’t fit, carry one in a fanny pack another chalkbag around your waist.
Chalk Bags
Depending on your budget, chalk bags can get a little expensive. You might have to hunt around for deals say on Amazon, but usually, you can find them this time of year. However, they're still good gifts.
Chalk brush
You can use these to remove chalk of holds in the gym or outside. It’s highly recommended that you do so if climbing outside. They’re relatively cheap and are easy to carry around.
Climbers’ Tape
It’s helpful to have a roll of climber’s tape in your bag. You never know when you might need it. Plus, it’s better to wrap around your hands and fingers than a band-aid if you get cut or scraped because it sticks more.
Grip Pro Trainer
If one wants to gain forearm and finger strength, I think these are good to use. It helps with grip strength as well. I used mine as a substitute for a stress ball.
Climbing Related Books or E-books
If a person you’re buying for likes to read, climbing associated books are a good source of entertainment. I have a list here if you need recommendations.
Climbing DVDs
On rest days, if the person likes to watch movies, a climbing movie might be fun to watch. Whether it’s a documentary or fictional film, she/he can enjoy climbing without being on the wall.
Climbing Magazine Subscription
If the person likes to flip through climbing magazines at the local climbing gym during breaks, maybe a subscription to Rock and Ice or Climbing magazine might be an idea. I subscribe to R&I, and I enjoy its content.
Now, you might need to pay attention to what the person uses, but you can’t go wrong with it. Chalk can be a little pricey also, but if it’s within your budget, they will thank you for it.
USB Flash Drive
You’re probably thinking, why a USB flash drive? If the person likes taking pictures or videos of their climbing (I hope not while they are on the wall), they might have a lot stored on their phone. They take up space. It would be a useful storage device in case something happened to the phone.

If all else fails or the person is tough to buy for, gift cards from their favorite climbing gym or outdoor gear websites such as Backcountry, REI, or even Amazon would do. I hope these suggestions help you out with your shopping. If you think of any other ideas, let me know in the comments for this article on Facebook. Until next time, happy bouldering!