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Show Off That Elbow Strength Part 2

So, you’ve worked on your elbow’s mobility and it’s doing better. Now what? Once you have gained that full mobility, you should strengthen your muscles within your acquired range of motion. You don’t want to use it because it isn’t as easy to get it back.

The strength exercises that are used to treat outside elbow pain utilize two forms of muscle contraction: concentric and eccentric. A concentric contraction is when the muscle shortens to create movement, while an eccentric contraction is when the muscle lengths to control flow. Kinda cool, huh?

Here are some exercises I’ve come across to help the elbow and the wrist get stronger.

Movement 1 - Flexbar Eccentric Twists

Twisting a Flexbar exercise

This exercise targets the wrist extensors eccentrically that insert into the lateral epicondyle. Research has shown eccentric exercises can strengthen the tendon and decrease pain.

Movement 2 – Bottle Drops

Performing an elbow exercise with a Gatorade bottle.

Movement 3 – Wrist Lowers

Wrist lowering exercise with a small pan.

It’s best to do strengthening exercises three times a day if possible. You don’t want to overdo it, but you need to get the strength back up.

Once we get our elbows back to normal, we need to prevent ourselves from getting injured like that again. So, how do we do that? By watching our movement on the wall and relearning how to move in the last part of this series.