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Heading to California: 2019 Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival Preview

“I’m going to Bishop, baby!”

That was the first thing I joyfully exclaimed after completing my registration for the 2019 Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival last December. Every March the Flash Foxy organization hosts a women’s climbing festival in Bishop, CA. However, registration is in mid-December and is limited.

So, if you want to go, you have to register and pay as fast as you can. Because this is such an anticipated event, tickets go quick. I tried registering for the event three years ago and couldn’t go because it sold out within minutes. Two years ago, we were saving for the house, so it wasn’t wise to spend the money on it. But this year, I got a ticket.

Festival Details

Flash Foxy logo

The WCF in Bishop is a 3-day event. It’s a long weekend of clinics, workshops, and hopefully, other climbing included. The first night consists of check-ins, a welcome party, and presentations. The next two days will have clinics or workshops you sign-up to do during the day. One thing that dawned on me before we could register for them is, would they be just as competitive as registration was?

The answer is that they were. I didn’t get my first picks because the day and time they would open them was during a busy part of a workday. I signed up about 20-25 minutes after they were available, but many sold out, which sucked big time. However, I was able to sign-up for a climbing photography class that looked like fun.

I was also able to sign-up for an outdoor bouldering clinic, but I think it will be too advanced for me. I hope I can trade clinics with someone into something more fit for me. If not, I’ll still show up and see what happens because I paid for it.

During the festival, there are other events I’m checking out after the clinics finish for the day. There’s a film showing the second night I’m not missing, and there’s an athlete poster signing I want to go to. I think there’s a stewardship project the morning of the third day I’d like to help too.

What am I Getting Out of it?

I’m sure this a question I’ll get asked, so here’s my answer. I’m traveling to a new place; I hope to make many good memories and experience things I haven’t before.

When I was younger, I lived in southern California, but my family and I never traveled that far north. So, I’m visiting a place in one of my home states for the first time. I’ll be meeting a lot of people, and I hope to make connections or friends while carpooling to and attending the event. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge about climbing, techniques, and other useful things I can apply in my life.

What am I Bringing?

My blue backpack I'm carrying my essentials in.

Since this is a 3-day event, I only want to bring essentials. I’m flying in the day before then flying out the morning after the festival ends. Bishop is near the Sierras, so it will be cold still. That means I’ll need to bring warm clothes.

I’ve got a goose-down coat that compacts well coming with me. I’ll bring long-sleeved shirts, thermal layers, stretchy pants, warm socks, those kind of things. I don’t want to bring a ton of clothes, so I don’t mind re-wearing them if I don’t stain them during the trip.

My climbing and camera gear are coming with for sure. I want to bring my crashpad, but that won’t fit in the overhead compartment. I hope I can fit everything into my backpack and a small suitcase. The thing is, I also want space in my bags so in case I get swag, I can bring it back without any problems.

The backpack is my carry-on, so all the essential stuff aka climbing and camera gear is with me. If I somehow lose my suitcase, it would suck, but that stuff can be replaced. The things in the backpack, not so much. When the dates get closer, I’ll show you how I packed everything. Crossing my fingers my stuff will fit as I’d imagine it.

I’m excited that I’m finally going and look forward to it. I’ll keep you updated with the trip as it gets nearer to when I leave. One thing I won’t be bringing though is my computer. I’m somewhat doing a digital detox during the festival. Plus, I don’t know how good service will be while I’m out there, so you might not hear from me until after I’m back which is fine. Until next time, happy bouldering!