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Hangboard DIY

Yay, it’s hangboard day! Well, we’re at least going to put it up. As some of you may already know, I received a hangboard/fingerboard for my birthday a few weeks back. We’re finally getting around to mounting in my office.

I'm looking forward to it.

Prep Work

First, we need to measure the dimensions of the space between the doorframe and the ceiling. Because where the wall the door is on and the ceiling meet up is at an angle. We need to know what we must work with to get the handboard to fit.

My husband standing with the piece of wood for the backboard. My husband and I drive to Home Depot to buy a piece of wood to mount the hangboard to and attach it on the wall. It would be a backboard. We also purchase additional tools to make it work such as a handsaw and clamps. Can’t forget the screws.
Drilling in holes into the wood. When we get back, my husband clamps the wood onto our workbench and measures how long of a piece we need above the door. Then where the screws needed to go for the wall. Afterward, he marks where everything is on the wood. He uses the handsaw to cut through the wood. He drills out pilot holes initially, then cleaned them up by countersinking the screws. This procedure is so that the screw heads will stay flush on the board.

Drill Baby Drill

Now to drill the wood to the wall.

Drilling the backboard into the wall above the doorframe. At first, we thought things were going well with the first side until my husband accidentally stripped the screw heads. Oops! We figured out that it would be easier to drill the holds into the wall then attach the backboard. Eventually, we got them out.
Husband mounting hangboard to backboard. He managed to drill the rest of the screws in without too much hassle. Then we added the hangboard to the backboard as instructed by the user’s manual. It was coming together.
The finished product. Ta-da! It's finished! Now, I have my very own hangboard. It looked great.

We tested the board by having my husband hanging on it then I to make sure it was secured. There weren’t any problems with it as far as we could tell. I can do hangboard finger training now on my own. Woohoo!

Until next time, happy bouldering and training!