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A Little Drive Down to Texas

“On the road again…”

Last week, I drove to Plano, Texas, for an event coordinators/manager meeting at Summit Plano. My event director asked if I could attend it. I haven’t visited any of the Texas gyms yet, so I was kind of excited to go. Plus, it’s another area of the state I haven’t been to so far. I planned to check out the gym before the meeting and climb if possible.

Exterior photo of Summit Plano gym

Starting that morning, after about a 3-hour trip, I made it. When I arrived, I saw it was huge on the outside and in. Inside, one can see the gym is at least two stories tall. They have about 55-foot walls for toprope, auto-belay, and lead routes. There were a lot of people climbing them too.

There’s a decent-sized bouldering area in the gym. It has two large islands with different walls for problems. The islands are taller than the ones in Norman, somewhere between 15-20 feet tall. One big difference I noticed with them is you can’t top out on either one. You climb or jump back down to the mats.

Unfortunately, my husband didn’t get to come with because something came up at the last minute at his work, so I bouldered before the meeting. I worked it out so that I had plenty of time to so.

During my session, I did get climbing videos, but no photos except selfies because I didn’t have another person to hold my phone and take pics. Plus, I didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone. I’ll post them on Facebook and possibly Instagram if it will let me after I edit them. My bouldering session was fun, and I have a lot of problems I want to work on more.

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to do any auto-belays since I wore myself out from bouldering. Plus, I was running out of time before I needed to clean up and go. I left and had dinner with my husband’s aunt and uncle before the meeting. I’m was glad I did because there wasn’t any food there.

My thoughts about the meeting are that I think it went well. It did breathe new life into what I’m doing and gave my work as event coordinator more purpose. For me, that gave me some relief and to something to look forward to for future events.

Afterward, I went to my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house and stayed the night there. Then drove back to Norman the next day.

I hope to climb back there again soon. I do plan on competing at the Summit Bouldering Series comp at Plano in late October, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come down before then. It’s the closest one, and since it’s around Halloween, it’ll be more fun. Or at least I hope so. Until next time, happy bouldering!