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Gear Review: Singing Rock Guru Harness

For toproping, one needs to have a comfortable and sturdy harness to wear. Especially if that person will be belaying or climbing routes for a while. After climbing for about 4 months, I decided to purchase a harness so I wouldn’t have to continue to rent one.

Me wearing the Guru harness

Singing Rock’s Guru men’s harness is the harness I wear when I belay. It fits me pretty well and it’s comfortable. With an adjustable waistband and leg loops, I can make it as tight (preferably) or as loose as needed. Luckily I haven’t had any problems with it so far.

Which One to Buy?

I have found out when shopping for a harness, it’s a lot like shopping for a pair of pants. Every brand of pants is a little different in cut and fit. Harnesses are the same way. I tried 3 harnesses from the Black Diamond brand before picking the Guru from Singing Rock. Two in a women’s and one in a men’s size. I have a small waist but my hips are a little wider. So making sure that the waistband can go over the hips but be secure enough once it’s on is fun. (Not really.)

Once the harness is on, one needs to make sure that the waistband is on securely after tightening. There shouldn’t be a lot of space between the torso and waistband. This makes a big difference when toproping. It could make climbing uncomfortable if it’s loose. So I recommend trying at least 2-3 different harnesses on before buying one so you can compare the fit and make sure it works.

In my opinion, the Guru is a good harness to have. It does have extra loops to attach extra carabiners in-case one has to. I’ve heard others say good things about the harness too. I would recommend this to someone looking at purchasing one.