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Gear Review: Mad Rock Mad Pad Crashpad

Remember the picture of the crashpad in my “Crashpads: A Boulder’s Best Friends” post? That’s the pad I’m taking with me while my husband and I are hiking at Robbers Cave state park.

Mad Pad Crashpad

My Mad Pad crashpad

It’s a Mad Pad crashpad from Mad Rock Climbing. The pad is a nylon covered 48 inches by 36 inches taco pad with 5 inches of foam in it. So, it’s a full pad. There are padded shoulder straps and a waist belt on the back of it that allow me to carry it on my back. It may look awkward, but this is how I’ve seen them carried. Thankfully, it’s light.

The crashpad was a reasonable price for how thick it is. As I’ve mentioned in the previous article, the thicker the pad, the more expensive it will be. I paid $120 with a discount for it. So, that wasn’t too bad.

One of the features mentioned on the website where I bought the crashpad from is it can convert into a couch. I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of leisurely sitting on it, but I might keep it in mind.

Where Are We Climbing?

I'm trying out the shoulder straps to the crashpad.

While at camping at Robbers Cave State Park, I would like to check out the Parking Boulders and Devil’s Slide areas in the park. Both areas have V0 problems to climb on. There’s one V1 problem in Devil’s Slide I can try if the V0s are too easy.

I’m aware that the grades are going to feel different than what I climb at the climbing gym. I learned that when I climbed on Mount Scott earlier this year. So, I’m not going to have high expectations of sending these problems. However, if I do send, that would be awesome.

After the trip, I’ll have an update to the crashpad gear review and let you know how it went. I hope it works out. Until next time, happy bouldering!