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Here are my most recent articles for this month. Check them out!

Figuring Out the Puzzle: Revisiting Routesetting

“Bzzt bzzt. Bzzt, whirl.” Ah, the sounds of drills in the morning.

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Climbing a Different Kind of Route

Hey friends and family! It's been a minute since I've been here. These past weeks have taken me on a different path to something I wasn't expecting, but it will be an exciting change.

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Fancy Footwork and Leg Power Part 3: Find Your Stability

In previous posts, you saw how working those feet and legs in parts 1, and 2 of Fancy Footwork and Leg Power make a difference in your climbing. Now, here’s the last piece to make it all come together. In the final post of the series, we’ll work with gravity while up above on the wall. Plus, how you stand position yourself will affect your movement.

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Fancy Footwork and Leg Power Part 2

So, we found our feet and are starting to use them again on the wall or rock. Yay! Now, let’s expand our knowledge about how we can use those “third arms” better for climbing.

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Fancy Footwork and Leg Power Part 1

When you watch someone climb, it looks like the arms do all the work. However, that’s not the case. Your legs and feet are the critical limbs to use for working problems. Don’t believe me?

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Hanging On: How to Stay on Handholds

To climb a boulder or wall, one must figure out the best way to grab on to handholds/holds. You might remember this from “Climbing Holds: What Can I Hold?”. However, some holds you hold differently than others. Why? Well, let’s dive in.

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Training for the Virtual Outdoors

I know I’ve been a little quiet on the blog here recently. Life has been a little hectic with work and other things. But I wanted to update you with something I’ve up to lately.

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Climbing Handholds: What Can I Hold?

When one walks into a climbing gym for the first time or first time in months, their eyes are drawn automatically to the brightly colored holds on the walls and structures. As odd or funny as some may look, they serve a purpose to help you become a better climber.

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Rhino Skin Solutions Repair Review

Whose skin is ripped up after a couple of days of climbing? *Raises shredded hand* Me.

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Back to Climbing Again

“Grunt. Ugh, lunge. Reach! Shiiiit! Plop!”

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Black Lives Do Matter

The events that have unfolded these past weeks about innocent black lives lost have put a pit in my stomach. Feelings of sadness and outrage have been a theme lately—people who should still be here but aren’t due to a messed up judicial system and oppression. The images and pictures I’ve seen are present in my mind.

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