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Here are my most recent articles for this month. Check them out!

How to Wash Climbing Shoes

Phew! I notice an odor from my climbing shoes, and they sure don’t smell awesome. I have some extra time, and my shoes need a bath, asap. I can’t remember the last time they were cleaned. So, today is their washing day.

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Climbing (Or Not) In the Time Of COVID-19

Well, this is a hell of a time to be alive.

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Blocworks Bouldering Gym Visit

A new month, a new climbing gym to visit! A couple of weekends ago, I rode with my boss to check out a new bouldering gym called Blocworks that opened in Edmond, a suburb north of Oklahoma City, OK.

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Brushing That Chalk Away: Hold Brushes

Ever grabbed a climbing hold, and your hand slid right off because it was slick? It needs some brushing love.

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Climbing Trip Destination: Climb Tulsa

Ever get an itch to go visit a different climbing gym? It’s been too long since I’ve done that. Well, this past weekend, that changed.

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2020 Bouldering Goals

Who wants better foot techniques for climbing? I do! Who wants to get stronger for bouldering? Me! Who wants to climb harder grades? Yes, please!

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Bat-hangs and Bicycles Part 2: Cycling Up the Wall

One technique that can lead to or from a bat-hang is called a bicycle. The bat-hang problem from Part 1 forced a bicycle move to stay on the holds until I came down. Does this technique sound vaguely familiar? I mentioned bicycling in my Fancy Footwork and Leg Power Part 2 article.

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Bat-hangs and Bicycles Part 1

Na na na na na na na na na bat-hang!

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SBS Plano Competition

“Crickets, crickets.” Those are the sounds from my blog recently. My work has been keeping me busy and honestly, making me stressed. So, I haven’t had time to write for a while.

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Show Off That Elbow Strength Part 2

So, you’ve worked on your elbow’s mobility and it’s doing better. Now what? Once you have gained that full mobility, you should strengthen your muscles within your acquired range of motion. You don’t want to use it because it isn’t as easy to get it back.

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Exercising the Elbow Part 1

After researching what’s wrong with my elbow, I need to take preventative measures to keep it healthy. So, I looked at what exercises I can do and here’s what I’ve come across.

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