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Gear Reviews

Want to read about what gear I use? Check these reviews out and read what I have to say about them.

Gear Review: Tenaya Iati Climbing Shoes

If you have seen me in the gym or online, you might have noticed I’ve been climbing in different shoes. Yes, they are new. And I love them. How did I get them? I’m glad you asked.

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Gear Review: La Sportiva Otaki

A girl can always use a new pair of shoes, right?

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Gear Review: Mad Rock Mad Pad Crashpad

Remember the picture of the crashpad in my “Crashpads: A Boulder’s Best Friends” post? That’s the pad I’m taking with me while my husband and I are hiking at Robbers Cave state park.

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Crashpads: A Boulderer’s Best Friends

Christmas came a little early for me this year. I recently bought a bouldering crashpad. Does this make me a real boulderer? I don’t know, but I think it’s very cool.

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Gear Review: La Sportiva Miura VS

When you’re involved in a sport, you’ll have to repair or replace your gear at some point due to wear and tear. For me, it was the latter. My Tarantualce climbing shoes were starting to get a hole on the rand which is at the front of the shoe where the toes are. Unfortunately, I let the hold grow and it went through the shoe. At this point, it’s best to replace the shoes.

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Gear Review: Petzl Corax Harness

If you saw my latest climbing photo, you might have noticed my harness looked a lot brighter. Well, that's because it was. I bought a new harness shortly before I had my outdoor climbing class.

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Gear Review: La Sportiva Tarantulace Women’s Climbing Shoe

Like any other sport, climbing requires a special kind of shoe to help perform the activity. A pair that allows the climber to grip holds or rock with their feet and hopefully not slip while moving. Plus, be fitted so that there is minimal friction between the shoe and the foot.

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Gear Review: Singing Rock Guru Harness

For toproping, one needs to have a comfortable and sturdy harness to wear. Especially if that person will be belaying or climbing routes for a while. After climbing for about 4 months, I decided to purchase a harness so I wouldn’t have to continue to rent one.

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