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6 Climbing Podcasts Worth Listening

Are you looking for something to listen to for your next road trip? Or on your way to work? Does your podcast list need new content? Check out these climbing-related podcasts to expand your knowledge and interests. Don’t just listen to the episodes I mention; please explore more of what the creators have to offer.

The Power Company Podcast by Kris Hampton and Nathan Drolet

Hosts and climbing coaches Kris and Nathan sit down with other coaches, trainers, and athletes, to find out what it is that makes them so good at what they do best. These are in-depth discussions on the guest’s area of expertise. Kris and Nate try to deconstruct the tools, tactics, and training techniques that we can all use to climb harder, smarter, and better.

Episodes to listen: Ep. 75 "Self Worth and China Doll with Heather Weidner" and Ep. 72 "Does Size Matter? With Marina Inoue"

Training Beta by Neely Quinn

In TrainingBeta, Quinn, a climber and nutritionist talks to climbers, trainers, and other insightful members of the climbing community about how we can get a little better at our favorite sport. Every week or so she publishes a new interview where she talks to guests about their climbing training, philosophies, what they’re up to these days and their thoughts on diet. There are also discussions on injury prevention that I find insightful.

Episodes to listen: Ep.76 "Esther Smith on How to Heal Your Finger Injury" and Ep. 59 "The Access Fund on Going From Gym to Crag Responsibly"

The Enormocast by Chris Kalous

Climber Chris Kalous dives into the climbing life with discussion, interviews, tributes (not The Hunger Games kind), and more on the Enormocast. This podcast is about rock climbing, alpine climbing, and more climbing.

Episodes to listen: Ep. 136 "Shelma Jun – A Better Way" and Ep. 58 "Chris Schulte - Bouldering Sensei"

The Dirtbag Diaries by Fitz Cahall

Outdoor writer Cahall covers all kinds of adventure activities, not just climbing. He and his team do a great job of helping stories come to life. If you need a break from climbing but still want to hear more about the outdoors, this is worth a listen.

Episodes to listen: Ep. 55 "Paul’s Boots" and Ep. 60 "The Shorts – Commit Fully"

Women in Climbing by Molly Haight

Women in Climbing tells the stories of women in the rock climbing world. Haight’s goal is to empower women through it. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this podcast. I think I was looking for female climber podcasts and this one popped up on my search engine. Hopefully, the host continues to produce more content because Haight is the only woman-centered podcast I’ve found so far.

Episode to listen: I liked all of them.

The Bad Beta Podcast by Anna (from Anna Outdoors), Alisha, Steve Andrew, and Matt Sapiecha

Hosted by a group of Canadian climbers: Anna (from Anna Outdoors), Alisha, Steve Andrew, and Matt Sapiecha discuss various climbing topics and issues. The episodes do seem a little random at times. However, you do get a laugh out of them. Or at least I did when listening to them.

Episode to listen: Ep. 7 "A Van-cast From the Crag"

I hope you enjoy the podcasts I’ve listed here. If you have any recommendations for podcasts, let me know in the Facebook comments for this article. Until next time, happy bouldering!