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How Do I Feel: Climbing Pitches

My Intro to Outdoor Climbing class was an experience for me for numerous reasons. You could sum those up into these 6 feelings.


Car selfie before heading to Mount Scott

First off, I am not outdoorsy. I like the outdoors but I normally don’t do many activities in it. So, when we were hanging out as Cruz was setting the first anchor, I told Mack “this is weird and I’m really out of my comfort zone.” The uncertainty was a little unnerving, I admit. But it was a feeling I overcame fast.


Second, I do have a subconscious fear of heights. It resurfaced as I climbed Atomic Knee Drop. Which personally, was one of the worst times to show it. Because I think the guys could tell. I didn’t want to seem like a wuss. I don’t know how but managed to convince myself I’m not that high up and kept going.


Third, the relief of reaching the top of the route. Once I got there and had the chance to take a breath, I realized why people do this. Or at least one of the reasons why. It’s for the awesome view. Looking towards the horizon, I saw more of the mountain, the lake down below, and open land as far as I could see. I wished I had my camera to take a picture. It was worth capturing and enjoying the moment while I could.


Fourth, I tend to freak myself out over stuff when there’s nothing to worry about. When Cruz was setting up for Yee Haw, he chatted with us about lead climbing and getting certified for it. I misunderstood him when he said we could come up here and do that. The way he worded it made me think we could do lead on this next route. That scared the shit out of me. Because, we haven’t done lead in at least 3 to 4 months and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it out there.

So, I’m nervous as hell and trying to calm myself down. Unfortunately, failing miserably. Plus, it didn’t help that there was a bee wanting to hang out on my feet as I was sitting. I swear it had a foot fetish because it didn’t want to leave my feet and when it did, it went for my climbing shoes. Gah! Not helping!

You would not believe the relief I felt after realizing we weren’t doing lead and continuing to toprope. It sucks getting worked up like that over something stupid. Especially if it means you lose your appetite in the process.


Fifth, my frustration after not sending on Mr. Green Sleeves. Yes, Cruz asked us if we wanted to try a harder route. But still, slipping off the left face on the route sucked and what made worse was when I couldn’t get back up there. Feeling pumped on top of that didn’t make it any better. However, I did appreciate the pep talk from the guys as they tried to cheer me up.


Sixth, the satisfaction of knowing I did send on Foolish after Mr. Green Sleeves. Plus, the pride of going out to Mount Scott and try climbing outdoors.

Let's Do That Again

Overall, that day was a rollercoaster of emotions. I will say this; besides all the feelings I did have that day, I am proud of myself for going out there. It’s not often I can say I climbed on a mountain. I got out of my element and tried something new. It may not seem like it, but I would do this again. Don’t get me wrong, it was scary at times. But in the end, it was worth it. If you get the opportunity to go outdoor climbing, do it. You might surprise yourself. Until next time, happy climbing!