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Rhino Skin Solutions Repair Review

Whose skin is ripped up after a couple of days of climbing? *Raises shredded hand* Me.

After getting back into climbing, I realized my skin wasn't ready. I didn't do an excellent job of keeping in maintained during the quarantine. My callouses were completely gone and had baby skin, grabbing the rough and textured holds. It wasn't looking good, and I was paying for it dearly.

The climbing holds have been doing a number to the skin on my palms and tips of my fingers. My callouses got hard and dry quickly. I even got a bloody flapper during a bouldering session because a callous caught onto a rough hold. Ouch!

So, my skin needed a lot of help and care.

Save My Skin!

To remedy my problems, I've been using a skin repair cream from a company called Rhino Skin Solutions from Bend, Oregon. My coach and other climbers have recommended their products to me. Summit Norman sells the Repair, so I bought some thankfully before the gym shut down.

Rhino Skin Repair cream bottle

The Repair cream has helped quite a bit with building my skin back up. The cream is used after climbing. You don't need a lot, and it's not greasy. I think it smells good too. The company uses natural ingredients in their products, which I prefer to use. The flapper healed nicely after using it frequently.

I'm also using a sample of the Rhino Skin Spit on my hands as well. It's good to use before climbing and helps keep your skin hydrated. It was in my goody bag from the Flash Foxy Women's Climbing Festival I attended last March. I hadn't used it until now, and I'm glad I am.

Rhino Skin has a whole line of skin repair and climbing prep products online. Their site does a good job explaining which product you should use and when. The prices are reasonable and have smaller portions if you want to try it out. They also have other items such as hand sanitizer as well. I might consider using more of their stuff in the future.

I haven't had any issues with their products yet. I do still use the Joshua Tree hand salve for skin repair as well. However, I only use it at night right before bed because it is greasy. If your hands need a little TLC, I recommend Rhino Skin to help it get back into sending shape.

Until next time, take care of your skin, and happy bouldering!