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WCF Musings

Overall, I felt it was a good and full weekend at the Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival. I would come back and participate in the festival again and recommend it to anyone who can buy a ticket. I do wish though they weren’t so competitive to get. However, I understand why there’s a limit.

The same goes for the clinics and workshops as well during the event. It’s something to remember for next time I want to register and hope I’m not working or doing anything important when the purchasing window opens.

High heelhook on Happy Hooker V0+

However, if I can get a festival ticket but not clinics or workshops, I’m not entirely out of luck. I heard the Flash Foxy organization worked with local groups in Bishop and asked them to host climbs during the festival for anyone who didn’t have a clinic or workshop to go. I think that’s great since they can be difficult to register and get in. I’m glad the organization is willing to do that.

Bishop is easy to get around as I mentioned in Part 1 and I felt safe walking to places. I want to explore the town more as well. I heard about some places that I didn’t get to check out before I left, I would have liked to visit. I should create a list of places I need to see the next time I’m there.

One thing I would do differently is try to visit the Buttermilks. I heard they’re hard to climb and sandbagged (significantly under graded). But I want to hike through and at least attempt to climb them. Plus, I would cross off another area from my places I’d like to boulder list (link). I want to revisit the Happies for sure. I feel like I only covered a small portion. Maybe check out the Sad Boulders too if I can and see how they compare.

At some point, I’d like to climb in the Owens River Valley also. As Katie, our model, climbed during the Climbing Photography clinic, the route she was on is straightforward and looked fun. I haven’t done sport climbing outside before (which is what she did), but it might have been something I would jump on. I heard there’s good sport in the Valley, so that’s something to check out if I can find people to go with there.

I admit I think I need to spend a couple of weeks in Bishop. Can you tell? There’s a future vacation destination idea in mind, that’s for sure.

I met many cool people there and made a lot of memories. I know now what to expect at the festival as well so if I do need to do anything differently, I can. I hope I can make another one in the future. Until next time, happy bouldering!